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Why blogging is essential for your business & brand!


Are you are looking to increase traffic to your website and/or channels? Looking to inform your audience on specials, events, and updates? Need an easy way to connect? We have put together some reasons why blogging is essential to growing your online identity.


Blogging is key to growing traffic to your site

When you think of starting a new campaign to gain new traffic and expand your audience, what comes to mind? Do you think of Google AdSense? Facebook Ads? Instagram Boosted Posts? These are definitely great ways to gain some extra momentum when you are looking to boost your audience. In fact, these tools are staples in many marketer's "digital toolbelt." While good on their own, adding a supplemental blog will complement these marketing efforts greatly.

What if I were to tell you that (when done correctly and overtime) blogging can be just as effective as some of these methods. What makes blogging so vital to growing your web metrics? When asked, about 72% of marketers say that blogging increases engagement, according to the content marketing institute. That engagement is absolutely KEY to building a good strategy with your content. Impressions from an ad are always nice but engagement is where you truly start to see conversions. That means turning clicks into real customers. But how can you do this on your own project?


Blogging tips to turn your copy into a masterpiece

Blogging is something that may not come naturally to everyone. That's why we have some practical suggestions on how to make your articles reach more and more people every day. Here are some simple steps that will help:

  • Begin with a catchy title

  • Write like you talk.

  • Understand your audience.

  • Focus on building Call-to-action focused content

  • Be consistent

Of course, that's just scratching the surface. Effective blogging can be something that will grow and develop around your brand as time goes on.


Should I start blogging in 2021?

I absolutely love statistics and numbers. If you are anything like me you will appreciate some of these statistics from SEMrush regarding Blogging Statistics in 2021. Enjoy!

  • 46% of people take recommendations from bloggers/vloggers into account.

  • Vloggers reach more Americans aged 18 to 34 than any television network.

  • The influence of celebrity bloggers on consumers’ apparel purchases in the U.S. was as much as 12.4% for millennials in 2019.

  • More than one-third of high-earning bloggers (those who make over $50,000 annually) say the demand for high-quality content is higher than ever.

  • 38% of bloggers say one of their biggest challenges is creating quality content consistently.

And here is some more:

  • Google AdSense is the most popular monetization method for bloggers, followed by affiliate marketing.

  • Blogging is so scalable and affordable that it’s the third most common content marketing strategy for businesses.

  • Bloggers who utilize blogging for marketing purposes see 13 times the ROI of businesses that don’t.

These facts and other statistics we read certainly got us excited for creating more content for you, our reader; And we sincerely hope that we were effective in demystifying the world of blogging and content creation. Until next time. Write on!


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