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Portfolio Showcase: My Thoughts Behind This Illustration

Today, I would like to talk about a style in art that I am new to learning. In my personal art journey, I find I often get carried away with one style. I'll look for a picture that captures my attention, and use it for a reference. Those pictures however, are typically of a female face. I'll tell myself i would like to practice something new today, only to choose a face similar to all others that i am comfortable with.

I feel like this can be considered a type of artist's block. The inability to practice new things, and getting stuck in one "frame" of mind. (pun intended.) This post is about an illustration, so why do I keep mentioning art block or getting stuck? Because in order for me to start practicing something new when I'm stuck, I've started a new exercise. I call it the 3 piece rule, in which I quickly think of 3 things I've been meaning to practice, and piece it all together. For the example below, I knew I've been needing to practice full body poses, a cartoon-like illustrative style, and flowers. (I'm rubbish at drawing flowers.)

For another version of this exercise, simply think of a subject for your drawing, and click on the first reference picture you find. Do this with 3 separate things and find a way to put them together in one drawing. I find that these methods are a very entertaining way of pulling yourself out of stagnancy.

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